As experts in the field of brake systems, drive components, hydraulic and pneumatic units and control and regulation units in lifting and hoisting technology, cranes, winches, wind turbines, elevator technology and other special areas of mechanical engineering we clarify worldwide independent and impartial technical issues in your mandate.

Our reports provide you with well-founded, verifiable and written statements a solid base to be able to act effectively internally and externally.

  • Appraisals
    The determination of replacement value, market value and residual value and repair costs of plant and machinery as well as particular components and controlling units.
  • Investigation of cause of damage
    During the causal analysis the facts of the causes of damage will be clarified by reconstructing of the damage development and damage processes.
  • Assessment of damage
    Beside cause of damage and appraisals still the preservation of evidence is made here for the damage regulation and the damage analysis.

We provide you private expert opinions, arbitral opinion and court opinions.

Through our expertise, such as feasibility study or market research and product development, we examine your project to its economic, technical and legal feasibility, and thus lay the foundations for your project development.