About us


After more than fifteen years of planning, development, testing and implementation in the field of industrial brakes and braking systems, conveyors and hydraulic and pneumatic systems Dipl.-Ing. Igor Visnjevski founded the Technical Office Madving.

The engineering office is supporting through former scientific assistants from the TU Berlin IFG (Prof. Dr. D. Severin) as well as through former employees of the company Svendborg Brakes A/S and KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH. The working contingent of employees includes research and development, design, analysis, testing field, process optimization, product certification, sales and aftermarket.

Our team is reliably linked to the selected manufacturers of hydraulic systems, brake manufacturers, component suppliers, and subject-related service providers.


In our rapidly changing industrial society efficiency and expediency, and the improvement of market solutions are rarely questioned.

Furthermore, often humble communication conditions between the producers and the end users are coming upon in practice, so that often even during the planning phase solutions for creation of demand will be developed.

Such an approach leads to the development of general purpose products with a broad but shallow range, which in turn fail to meet specific customer requirements in many cases, and thus attract a difficult handling, questionable product overload and high follow-up costs.

These difficulties are in our experience an avoidable problem and result in our planning and implementation to a time and cost savings, even with regard to follow-up costs for installation, maintenance and repair of the developed solutions.

Our motivation is to close these gaps existing in the market specifically with demand-covering products.

Company guideline:

  • adequate openness in the assessment and evaluation of new ideas and opportunities
  • goal-oriented and individual solutions for each customer: “Quality before quantity”
  • to provide the maximum benefit of the products for the customers
  • to combine the requirements of the end customer with the interest of the manufacturer
  • Sustainability and environmental protection are our natural goals
  • Reliability and discretion are among our expected standard