Professional training at the “Institut für Sachverständigenwesen e. V.” in the seminars for judicial and private appraiser.

2011 – 2014 Development Engineer at the company “KTR Kupplungstechnik GmbH” in Rheine.

As industry know-how carrier I was in this group engaged in the construction and expansion of product range in the field of brake systems. The main focus of my activities were:

  • Development and product optimization of brakes and braking systems
  • Dimensioning and design of hydraulic power units for brake systems
  • Design and construction of test systems for rotor-locks and brakes
  • Placing into operation of brakes and braking systems

In addition to the detailed market analysis and product design I was entrusted with execution of detailed design with Pro/E, prototyping and compilation of strength calculation by finite element analysis. One of the greatest successes of these activities is the creation of the world’s biggest and most powerful floating-caliper brake in double piston design, which was developed especially for applications in ball mills.

2004 – 2011 Head of test department at the company “Svendborg Brakes A/S” in Bünde (East Westphalia).

In test area of this company I was responsible for the testing of new calipers and brake pads, qualification of new suppliers, implementation of customized tests and basic research on the subject of fatigue spherulitic cast materials and technical properties of organic friction materials. The test devices inc. control, measuring technique and evaluation software required for this purpose have been designed and developed by me or under my supervision.

I had in this period a close cooperation with component suppliers, external institute for material inspection, certification agencies and independent accreditation institutes and have acquired in addition to my education a very good expertise in brake technology, hydraulic, measurement technology and fatigue behavior of cast materials.

The clamping force-breeders

2000 – 2004 Student Assistant at the Institute of conveyor technique and gear technology at the Technical University Berlin.

My tasks were to build fully automated test systems for brakes, carry out experiments and process and analyze the test results.
Here I worked on the following major projects:

  • Investigation of railway vehicle brakes under environmental conditions
  • Wear tests of rail vehicle brakes
  • Investigation of a brake system of a wind turbine
  • Examination of crane brakes

At this department I made my student research project on the development of axle brake discs for high-speed range of rail vehicles in cooperation with the company “Radsatzfabrik Ilsenburg GmbH”.

6 / 2004

Successful completed final examination in the course of studies Mechanical Engineering in the field of study General Engineering at the Technical University Berlin.

7 / 2001

Successful completed intermediate examination in the course of studies Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Berlin.