Highly qualified and experienced technicians and engineers from our team conduct an independent technical consulting for small and medium-sized enterprises as well as end customers. We also like to visit you directly.
Locally, on-site, an existing plant or in your office, we will respond to your specific needs and assist you in dealing with technical problems.

In our proposed solutions we are particularly contributing the new technical and scientific knowledge and advanced technology to increase productivity and competitiveness of your company.

We advise:

  • Component manufacturer
    through market research, comparative calculation and determination of the optimal products compared to the competition;
    Optimization of manufacturing processes and quality control, as well as introduction of modern technologies and materials;
    Development of individual solutions and consultation with decision-maker.
  • Machines and plants manufacturers
    by setting up and tuning of the boundary conditions, technical requirements and delivery specifications of particular components and assemblies;
    Selection of the appropriate components and assemblies as well as suitable suppliers;
    Organization and optimization of the process for the installation, start of operation and final testing.
  • End users and system operators
    by measuring / testing / documentation of your machinery system;
    Determination and optimization of check and maintenance intervals;
    Planning of repair actions.